Integration of third-country nationals

Projects for migrants

We build projects and strategies for social inclusion of migrants since 2011.

The right of asylum is a fundamental right to each human being.

The CCB strongly believes that the solidarity between people, regions and states is a sign of progress and that the encounter between people encourage the mutual development.

Consorzio and its cooperatives have been contributed to the development of welcome projects for applicants for international protection in the province of Monza and Brianza since the North African emergency in 2011.

These welcomed people are the heart of the project: they are subject of a path which is supported by a staff that includes different professional figures; this path leads them to the acquisition of knowledge and awareness of the legal process of the own asylum application and it conducts them the purchase of tools and skills that promote their socio – occupational integration in the community.

Central to the hosting project is also the development of a network of municipalities, associations and volunteers who collaborate in order to include welcomed people into the community and who can contribute to the development of a hospitality culture.

We have developed this system through RTI Bonvena, a network of associations that operates in Brianza and that represent the most important and great agency of hospitality services for migrants. This system of cooperations, in which CCB is the proactive leader, allows the contracting station to have a single interlocutor that represents a plurality of subjects and is a model of social enterprise which aims at solidarity rather than assistance, giving everyone the same treatment and opportunities for integration in accordance with the principles enshrined in the Charter of Human Rights.


The temporary group of companies RTI BONVENA is born in March 2014; the two major consortium of the territory, Consorzio Comunità Brianza e CS&L, and numerous other organizations among social cooperatives, associations and ecclesiastical institutions acceded to it.

Bovena’s key word (welcome in Espreranto language) is collaboration.

Bovena collaborates with institutions as well as with local authorities, the Church, trade unions and other significant bodies. Bonvena is born as an open system to the contribution of every association or group that wants to make its part. Bonvena collaborates also in the creation of a service network: it puts together the main professionalism and economic resources of the different institutions.

Through the public call of the Prefecture of Monza and Brianza, Consorzio Comunità Brianza and RTI Bonvena have been working in the construction of a reception system adapted to respond to the needs of foreign nationals and asylum seekers through two strands of intervention:

  • The management of the Emergency Reception Centres called CAS;

The implementation of national projects S.P.R.A.R (Protection system for asylum seekers and refugees) in order to go beyond the logic of the extraordinary nature of the current context.



RTI Bonvena propose a new model of widespread hospitality that, even if we operate in emergency conditions, guarantee high quality standards of service to the persons welcomed.

We created a system of local integrated reception, made of different typologies of accommodation: first reception hub, collective reception accommodations, and apartments in almost every municipality of the Province of Monza, and it offers a wide range of services for reception and social and working inclusion of asylum seekers.

This model facilitates guests in the awareness of the territory, its services and the independently modalities of access to them. It also promotes the process of social inclusion of small groups of asylum seekers within each individual community: the asylum seeker has the opportunity to develop his or her own network of knowledge, friendships and support, feeling part of the community that lives through relationship and reciprocal awareness with individual volunteers or collaboration within associations and parishes.

CCB also created “Hope” solidarity fund that promotes actions supporting asylum seekers’ autonomy through vocational training, internship, economic contribution and assistance in finding an accommodation at the project’s end.


The SPRAR project (Protection System for Refugees and Asylum Seekers) consists of the network of local authorities, which access the National Fund for Asylum Policies and Services within the limits of available resources for the implementation of integrated reception projects. At the territorial level, local authorities, with the valuable support of the realities of the third sector, guarantee interventions of “integrated reception” which go beyond the distribution of food and accommodation alone, providing in a complementary way also accompaniment, vocational training, job orientation, internship, thus fostering migrants’ autonomy and independence.

We have two SPRAR project with the municipality of Monza and Desio.



Starting with the experience and expertise developed in the management of reception projects aimed at asylum seekers and protection holders, we have developed several projects funded by European funds including the FAMI (Asylum Migration and Integration Fund) managed by the Department for Civil Liberties and Immigration of the Ministry of the Interior and the AMIF (asylum, migration and Integration Fund), managed by the Directorate General for Migration and Home Affairs.


From a careful analysis of the needs of asylum seekers and holders of international protection, we are developing new projects that will focus on different areas including psychic vulnerability, the reception in the family also for young adults coming out from reception projects, housing and social housing, paths of autonomy and development of welcoming community.

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