Tourism, environment and social agriculture

Tourism, environment and social agriculture

Environmental protection and the enhancement of our natural and cultural heritage as guidelines for action.

It’s the most recent area (created in 2016) whose mission is to develop social tourism promoting excellence and innovation by creating new touristic products.

Care and respect for all living beings are part of enjoying a healthy environment and a good quality of life.  This fundamental human right (for climate and ecological justice for all*) is the basis for every action that characterises CCB’s initiatives, especially the Environment area. In 2016, we started planning with the mission to support the development of social tourism along three main lines: creation of new tourism products, support for the development of member cooperatives operating in the sector, and job placement of disadvantaged people. Then, the Environment and Social Farming area was born: projects were devised that would be an asset for the cooperatives and for all territorial stakeholders, creating new opportunities for sustainable business, new synergies in the territory and new employment. The innovative feature of these projects is the focus on the entire life cycle of products and services, the attribution of a higher value to the supply chain rather than to individuals, the integration of different aspects related to sustainability: economy, environment and people. Lastly, the Environment and Education area: Education for Sustainability responds to a need for training and pedagogical innovation required not only by schools but also by public administrations, which are increasingly approaching concepts such as ecological transition, environmental regeneration and circular economy. The above has been consolidated with the creation of a Green Community Centre, Agliate Community, a project to revitalise the village of Agliate (hamlet of Carate – MB) and social cohesion and a reference point for all environmental awareness and promotion initiatives.



Agliate is a small village in Brianza area famous for the presence of one of the oldest medieval basilicas dedicated to Saints Peter and Paul, a place of religious pilgrimage and cultural tourism and known for historical events such as the Befana sul Lambro and the nativity scene. The village is located in the valley of the river Lambro and follows the course of the river until it gets lost in the woods of the Regional Park Valle del Lambro.

With our project Agliate Home&Community we want to enhance the village, its environmental and artistic wealth and trigger interventions of active citizenship.

The goal of AGLIATE HOME is quality tourist accommodation: we have renovated 5 studio apartments with care to enhance both the peculiarities of the place and the values ​​of the social cooperation. One of the apartments has been assigned to a social custody that will take care of the reception of tourists.

AGLIATE COMMUNITY is a multifunctional space for the community where different activities will be proposed and will be given space to initiatives of citizenship.

These are two different but interconnected structures, able to connect to the territory and the community, with the aim of achieving economic sustainability and local development.


The three-year project, financed by the Cariplo Foundation, has been active since 2022 in the Brianza area (in particular Concorezzo – Lissone – Triuggio – Vimercate). Led by the social cooperative Il Ponte, CCB is co-managing the development and implementation of all project activities that aim to

– Create the conditions for new job opportunities in the area through a multifunctional social farm

– Recovering uncultivated land owned by the various municipalities in the area as a training ground for life towards integration into farms for frail persons

– Activate training, work, recreational, creative and cultural experiences linked to permaculture (based on caring for the Earth, caring for People and limiting consumption and redistribution of surplus)

The other partners are: Consorzio Comunità Brianza, Mestieri Lombardia – Monza office, Stripes Cooperativa sociale Onlus, Associazione Stefania, Meta (Metodologie educative territorio ambiente) – Distretto di economia solidale (DESBRI) – Association Sulè Onlus


The project, financed by the Cariplo Foundation, has been active since 2022 in the Lombardy region and is entirely coordinated by CCB, the sole funding body.

Together with the schools: ICS Barozzi – plesso Confalonieri (Milan), ICS Arcadia (Milan), ICS Orsoline (Milan), IC Romagnosi (Carate – MB)

CCB proposed a sustainability education project aimed at guiding students to learn, experiment and reflect in order to act as protagonists of the environmental and ecological transition. The project is aimed at male and female students aged between 9 and 12 and their teachers.

General objectives

– To awaken in the pupils an “ecological feeling” that can be transformed into a motivational force and a lasting protagonism towards the protection of the environment

– To ensure that theoretical and practical knowledge and skills are acquired in the classes involved in relation to the topics covered by the planned actions.

– To implement a methodologically sound co-designing process, in an interdisciplinary curricular perspective, that can lead to the development of new opportunities for solving territorial environmental problems (in particular on the themes of water resource management, river contracting and permaculture).


We promote cycling tourism in our territory as part of the initiatives of Regione Lombardia to develop tourism also outside the main cities.

First we have developed an offer of tourist services in Brianza along the Ciclovia that from Cascina Costa Alta, in the Park of Monza, goes up to the Oasi di Baggero (CO) and in a second project we have developed the route “THE CYCLOVIA OF THE GIANTS”.

To know more about the cycling routes in Brianza and the guided tours, write an e-mail to

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