Integration into employment of disadvantaged persons

Different areas of action with equal attention to situations of socio-economic fragility.

Type B Social Cooperatives pursue the general interest of the community, human promotion and social integration of citizens through the carrying out of agricultural, industrial, commercial or service activities, aimed at employing disadvantaged people.

Via Pepe, 5 – 20851
Lissone (MB)
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Via Gerardo dei Tintori, 18 -20900 Monza (MB)
Tel. 335.325694
Il Ponte
Via Italia, 3 - 20847 Albiate (MB)
Tel. 0362.930098
La bottega
Via Confalonieri, 5 – 20851 Lissone (MB)
Tel: 039.4655052
La meridiana 2
Via Curiel, 46 – 20883 Mezzago (MB)
Tel. 039.6021403
Luna Nuova
Via Italia, 3 - 20847 Albiate (MB)
Tel. 0362.930098

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