Other Projects

Other Projects

Consorzio Comunità Brianza also operates in other areas such as social housing, the employment of disadvantaged people, support for youth entrepreneurship and training.



The socio-economic crisis of recent years has affected more and more families in the province of Monza and Brianza and neighbouring territories. More and more people have lost their jobs and have been involved in eviction procedures and the consequent lost of their homes, forcing municipal administrations to place people in hotels for medium to long periods of time, while at the same time struggling to work with people on overcoming the causes that led them to this situation of socio-economic vulnerability.


Since 2014, the Consortium has begun to set itself the objective of developing services and activities to respond to new emergency needs on the issue of housing. Thanks to the internal comparison with cooperatives working on the same issue, the study of successful projects of national relevance, allowed the construction of a housing network in the province of Monza and Brianza and in the Milanese hinterland.


Since 2019 we have been an Accredited Body for Education and Professional Training services of the Lombardy Region (Registration no. 1163 of 29/08/2019 in the Register of Accredited Operators for Education and Professional Training services of the Lombardy Region)


In particular, we expertly design and deliver a training offer designed for our internal network of employees and member cooperatives and for diversified external users. Our priority is to offer qualified courses in order to be able to maintain and improve competitiveness on the market, increase the level of user satisfaction and effectively face new challenges.

In order to do this, we study the specific needs of the target groups and the trends in the labour market, implement targeted planning, use appropriate methodological tools, a corpus of teachers of an appreciable level and activate collaborative synergies with partners in the area.


The CCB has been dealing with the delicate issue of work and employability since its establishment: to present day, this area is based on the Mestieri Lombardia Employment Agency belonging to the CGM Cooperative Group (the most diffuse and articulated Italian Social Enterprise Network of which the Consorzio Comunità Brianza is a member)

Mestieri Lombardia is an Employment Agency accredited by the Lombardy Region for the supply of employment services. A non-profit organisation, it is authorised to provide intermediation, search and selection and placement support services and promotes its initiatives within the framework of processes of inclusion of workers, including those with specific fragilities.
The action of Mestieri Lombardia is aimed at innovating and qualifying the area of services for employability and enterprises through a wealth of tools, knowledge and territorial experiences that allow it to develop integrated projects of guidance, training and accompaniment to job placement.

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