Other Projects

Other Projects

Consorzio Comunità Brianza also operates in other areas such as social housing, the employment of disadvantaged people, support for youth entrepreneurship and training.



Since 2013 the Social housing area develops projects supporting people in living in the same place by sharing habits, services and relationship. Guests – mainly young mothers and their children – are hosted from a minimum of 3 months to a maximum of 18 months, and they receive support to find an accommodation autonomously.


Since 2019 we are accreditated for the Education and Professional Training Services of the Lombardy Region.

In particular, we design and provide a training offer designed for our internal network of employees and member cooperatives and for a diversified external user. Our priority is to offer qualified paths to be able to maintain and improve competitiveness on the market, increase the level of user satisfaction and effectively face the new challenges that lie ahead.

To do this, we study the specific needs of the targets and the trend lines of the labor market, we use appropriate methodological tools, teachers of appreciable level and we activate collaborative synergies with local partners.


The area works in strict connection with the other consortium areas and lays its operational sector on Mestieri Lombardia (a consortium entity).

Mestieri Lombardia is a job agency accredited by Lombardy Region for supplying services of intermediation, training, job matching, HR research.

This area works in strict connection with Migration Area, especially with regards to migrants’ working inclusion: migrants are supported in job orientation and writing their CVs, by underlining their previous working experiences and professional competences and skills.

Moreover, the Employability Area offers to all the people in needs (Italian or from other nations) opportunities to do an internship, thus supporting their work inclusion.

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