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Education, School and Projects for young People

The area promotes actions responding to local needs of citizens and families through easily accessible services. CCB acts through its partners operating at the local level and guarantees high quality services and professional expertise. Since 2011, CCB is engaged to promote actions in order to reduce schools dropout and to promote adoption of innovative methods for youth training like “flipped classroom” and “coderdojo”.

CCB is currently engaged in developing projects to fight against educational poverty of children.

We are managing projects for persons aged 0–18 years with actions aimed at boosting skills of people dealing with children (teachers, social workers, families), providing with a wide range of innovative STEAM undertakings into and outside the schools in local and public structures, open to community.



Prisma involves provinces in the south-east of Lombardy (Bergamo, Brescia, Mantova, Cremona and Monza e Brianza). It involves Consorzio Comunità Brianza, 8 municipalities, 15 schools, 36 Associations and 1 Community Foundation. The project aims to integrate strategies and actions to fight against educational poverty of children and youngsters aged 5-14 years, activating in the territories networks of supportive families, with specific focus on children and families that risk social exclusion.

The aim is to promote the culture of the rights to play, education, expression, active learning through diversified offer of experiential activities at school and in permanent territorial laboratories– Prisma Lab, in addition to experimenting with training and innovative activities, in particular through the use of digital technologies and STEM disciplines.


HUB-IN is a project targeting children 0-6 and their families .The project coordinator “Stripes” was awarded for this project by the Social Enterprise “Con i Bambini”  under the Fund for combating child educational poverty.

The project involves the areas of Rho, Legnano and Desio in addition to Monza with the participation of over 30 partners.

HUB-IN wants to hold together the life dimension and needs of the most fragile children and families, the individual potential and the social resources and wants to build solid community. The aim of the Project is to create shared, open and generative places where families can find spaces, an offer of activities, different and flexible paths, support interventions, relationships, experiences, ideas and practices.


The project, with CGM leader, is about technology education and wants to promote experimental learning paths by stimulating new forms of expression, different languages ​​and group work practices.

The project consists of eight macro activities targeting pre-adolescents and teenagers aged 11-17 years.

Giovani Connessi was born with the aim of reducing the digital divide and the phenomena of school dropout, promoting well-being, inclusion and motivation to study thanks to digital.


We foster work-related learning experiences about different topics such as education, migrants reception system, tourism and culture, communication and IT.


-To bring the attention about the characteristics and potential of working in social field to new generation;

-To offer to school, to students and their families a gradual alternation course (from third to fifth grade) and co-built to reduce the fragmentation of existing interventions, support schools in the research and inclusion of children in territorial organizations, create a structured and coordinated system among profit and non-profit organizations of the territory that can optimize human and economic resources.

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