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Today, cities are struggling with the challenges posed by migration flows. The newly designed integration strategies of the cities at that time were often born out of necessity and not as a result of a careful analysis of the situation, feasibility and sustainability.

City staff are overwhelmed by these new challenges: lack of cultural sensitivity, language deficits, lack of knowledge of national and international regulations and much more.

In this context, ECCIPA aims to replace the “emergency logic” with more responsive services for the integration of third-country nationals in the cities.

It does so through an innovative and comprehensive training programme that is co-designed and agreed upon by all stakeholders involved in the cities’ integration strategy.
The training programme focuses on improving the intercultural sensitivity and awareness of civil servants in three European territories: County of Offenbach (Germany), City of Ravenna (Italy), City of Cartagena (Spain). Participants will ideally be able to recognise and respond to cultural differences and adapt their approach accordingly.

Findings from the needs ‘analysis in each country and experiences from the training programme lead to the definition and implementation of Local Strategies for the Integration of third-country nationals.

In the last phase of the project, partners will draft The “ECCIPA Manifesto”, a practical guide for European cities to upgrade the competences of their staff in order to advocate respect for diversity and ensuring equal opportunities for all.

PROJECT DURATION: 12.2020 – 05.2023


The project is co-funded by Erasmus+ 2020-1-DE02-KA202-007701.

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